Questions about the Continuing Competence Program

Q. What is the Continuing Competence Program (CCP)?

A. The CCP is a formal system for assessing, managing, monitoring and reporting on the knowledge, skills, attitudes and critical judgments of a professional health care practitioner.

The College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta (CHAPA) developed a Competency Profile for regulated hearing aid practitioners. This Profile is used by each practitioner to do a annual self assessment to identify areas for professional development. Each Hearing Aid Practitioner is required to submit an annual Learning Plan, and to report progress in achieving his/her learning goals and objectives.

The College submits an annual report to Alberta Health and Wellness on the profession's overall continuing competence accomplishments, achievements and professional development plans.

Q. Why does the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta have a Continuing Competence Program?

A. A Continuing Competence Program is mandated for ALL regulated health professions in the province of Alberta by the Health Professions Act (2000).

Furthermore, annual assessment of competence will ensure public safety, maintain competency of members, meet professional standards, and comply with legislation. In our ever evolving health care system, hearing aid practitioners must continually enhance and expand their knowledge and skills.

Q. What is the Competency Profile?

A. The Competency Profile is a detailed and specific description of the behaviours inherent in the health professional's role. All identified competencies are within the Scope of Practice.

The major purpose of the Competency Profile is to provide a resource and reference for the assessment of competence and development of a professional development (Learning) plan. The Competency Profile for Alberta Hearing Aid Practitioners is provided within this system.

Q. How is my competence assessed?

A. All members of the College are required to do a self-assessment of their competencies on an annual basis. This is done using the Self-Assessment Form that was developed from the Competency Profile. The results of the annual self assessment are used to develop your Learning Plan.

The College will also conduct selected reviews (audits) of its members to ensure that the self-assessments are being conducted and reported accurately.

Q. How will I be expected to submit my self-assessment data and Learning Plan?

A. Hearing Aid Practitioners are expected to use the Internet to manage their self-assessments and prepare their annual Learning Plans.

Q. Is the Continuing Competence Program mandatory?

A. Yes, under the Health Professions Act (2000), all regulated health professionals in Alberta are expected to participate in a continuing competency program. Regulated Hearing Aid Practitioners are expected to assess, maintain and enhance their competence on an annual basis. Practitioners will need to demonstrate how they have maintained their knowledge and skills, e.g., workshops, reading, mentoring, etc.

Q. What are the consequences of not participating in the Continuing Competence Program?

A. If you do not file your annual Learning Plan with the College, you will get a warning letter and an investigation will ensue. If the necessary documents are not forthcoming, or the practitioner has not undertaken professional development as required; then the registration may be revoked and fines may apply. The Hearing Aid Practitioners would NOT be able to practice in the province of Alberta.

Q. What about the confidentiality of the competency information I submit to the College?

A. Under Legislation, a member's self-assessment data and Learning Plan submitted to the College must be kept confidential. Click on the Confidentiality and Privacy button for more information.

Q. How do I know if I have fulfilled the requirements of the Continuing Competence Program?

A. Once you feel you have completed all the requirements, you may contact the Continuing Competence Program Coordinator to request a review.