Confidentiality and Privacy

I can keep a secret.In accordance with the Alberta Health Professions Act (2000), the individual data related to the Continuing Competence Program must be kept confidential. Data collected by the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners may only be used in an aggregate format wherein the confidentiality of individual data is maintained.

1. The data collected with the self-assessment form cannot be used for conduct or disciplinary action.

2. The data collected on the self-assessment form will not be shared with your employer or colleagues.

3. This record cannot be subpoenaed by the courts.

4. Breach of confidentiality of the data contained herein is an offense and subject to a large fine.

In addition to legal protection of your personal data described above, CHAPAcms has other safeguards in place to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

1.  Only your name and e-mail address are kept on this site. These are only available to the webmaster and one or two CHAPA College staff.

2.  Members can access the various CHAPAcms components using their unique username and password. They can only see and edit their own data. No other CHAPA member can see your individual data.

3.  All passwords are encrytped for additional protection. In the highly unlikely event that someone was able to hack into the site, the passwords would not be compromised.

4.  For further protection, only the randomly assigned and anonymous username is captured on the various component databases such as Self-Assessment Form and the Learning Plan. The master list of usenames is kept strictly confidential.

For more information about confidentiality and privacy related to the CHAPA Continuing Competence Program, please contact the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta.